About Us

The East African Association of Engineers (EAAE), which was the precursor to the Institution of Engineers of the Kenya (IEK), was formed in 1945 as a professional and learned body, independent of control by governments

Our Vision

To be an inspiration of excellence to the engineering proffession and practice in Kenya and beyond.To promote and develop the engineering proffession, best practices for sustained development and welfare of Kenyans

What we do

The Institution of Engineers of Kenya works in conjunction with other institutions and organizations that seek topromote and develop the engineering proffession and best practices in the world

What We Do

 Information to Members

We organize Conferences and Seminars for our members to participate. We also hold cocktail lectures, industrial visits, training seminars and information is communicated to members for them to participate

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Web Listing

The IEK has now re-launched the website www.iekenya.org and members can subscribe to be listed or have their company profiles included in the Website pages. Details of this can be obtained from the Secretariat.

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Training Seminars

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The Institution may be called upon to nominate arbitrators in case there are any disputes in implementation of projects. We have experienced engineers to handle arbitration matters.

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Technical Audit of Projects

Where a client is not satisfied with the project progress, the Institution can be called upon by the Client to evaluate progress, identify problems affecting the project and recommend remedial measures.

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                                                                  Word from the Chairman

Eng Erastus MwongeraWelcome to our revamped website I wish to state that there is need to review our activities in view of achieving our objectives regularly.

You are aware of the objectives of the institution, which include serving the society and being recognized by national and international organizations and the public as a respectable and valuable source of information and guidance in the policies, interests, and concerns that relate engineering and technology to human and natural environment. For the benefit of some readers who may not know our background let briefly look at our history... Read More


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