Conference Papers - Thursday

Eng. Horace Owiti - FADs Fishery along the Kenyan Coast: Socio-Economic Problems and Prospects
Eng. Nyaboke H. Et al - Blue Victoria: The potential for recreational fishing industry towards promoting blue growth
Eng. Chrisphine Sangara Nyamweya, Eng. Christopher Mulanda Auraa, Eng. James M. Njiru - Bounties of Lake Victoria: a case for blue economic investment
Keyombe J.L.A, Obiero M.O, Malala J.O, Olilo C.O, Bironga C.H, Aura C.M, Nyamweya C.S, Odoli C.O, Njiru J.M - Have Innovative Technologies Reduced Post Harvest Fish Losses in Lake Turkana: Case Study of Polyethylene Solar Dryer
Eng. Edwin Omolo & Eng. Anthony Sang - The Blue Ocean Economy in the Oil & Gas Sector in Kenya: The role of Kisumu Oil Jetty in Accelerating Economic Development within Lake Victoria Region
Eng. Michael Wafula - Remote Power Monitoring Of Marine Sites
Eng. Dr. LAWAL Salami Lasisi & Prof. Hui Liu - Utilization Of Nigerian Satellite Augmentation System For Ocean Navigation, Marine And Vessel Safety.
Dr. Victor M. Mwongera - Extended Endurance Surveillance & Monitoring using Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems
Harnessing Blue Ocean Economy For Accelerated Economic Growth.
Eng. Lucy Patricia Onundo - Uncertainty In Measurement Technology Of Wave And Current Energy Resource Conversion
Prof J. M Ntiba - Marine Fisheries And Aquaculture In Kenya: Potential For Blue Growth
Eng. Aiman A. Rsheed - Africa Pass: Afro-Eurasia concept for energy management by activating political engineering project cooperation.
Major Andrew Nyawade - High Altitude Platforms for Security Applications
Eng. Stephen Nguli And ENG. Julius Ndirangu - Challenges and Opportunities in Waste Management in a Blue Economy
Eng. Collins Changole and Eng. Dominic Mutai - Management and Disposal of Used Oil
Maj (Eng) M M Mucugia - Impact Of Pollution Control On Blue Economy
Eng. Aggrey Shitsukane Shisiali - Fuzzy Logic Model For Obstacles Avoidance Robotic Crane In Static Unknown Environment.
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