Engineers' Conference
“Engineers Accelerating Sustainable Economic Recovery”
8th – 12th, November 2021
The Institution of Engineers of Kenya in collaboration with the Engineers Board of Kenya are organizing the 28th edition of the Annual Engineers International Conference to be held on the above dates at Pride Inn Paradise - Mombasa.  It will be a five-day physical and virtual event featuring paper and poster presentations around the main theme “Engineers Accelerating Sustainable Economic Recovery”.  The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted normal activities in many industries and labour markets. Sectors such as construction, manufacturing, transport (both road and air), tourism, and many other service industries have experienced a significant slump in business activity, necessitating many to downsize. Nevertheless, engineering remains the key to the much-anticipated recovery.

As a precursor to the main event, the Women Engineers summit will be held on 8th November 2021 around the theme; “Power of Diversity for Women Engineers”.  Diversity is key to the growth and the future success of the Engineering profession. It recognizes that great ideas thrive in a space that nurtures a wide variety of perspectives and experiences. The Engineering field currently suffers a diversity deficit as men comprise a majority in the profession.  This year’s Summit seeks to address the distinct shortage of women in the Engineering profession. Hence the Conference and Summit will be organized along with the following sub-themes: -

Main Conference: 9th to 12th

  1. Engineers in Policy Formulation, Planning, Economic Recovery and Regional Integration (Governance of Engineering, Laws & Regulations)

  2. Engineering Education and Research Academia and Development (including capacity Building and Mentorship)

  3. Big 4 Agenda and Vision 2030

  4. Fourth Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0 (Including Smart cities, and Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure)

  5. Engineers’ role in Devolution and County Development.

Women Summit: 8th

  1.  Diversity Agenda: Why and how to bring more women on Board

  2. Retention Strategies: Why do Women leave Engineering?

  3. Best Practice in Organizational Interventions

  4.  Diversity in Engineering matters and Policies that support inclusion.

  5.  Capacity Building

Both events will feature paper and poster presentations from participants, distinguished keynote speakers from industry, academia, and policymakers.  They will offer a platform for engineers, academicians, industrialists, and associated professionals to network, share experiences, challenges as well as new knowledge on emerging technologies and engineering-related matters.