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Membership Information

The Institution currently enjoys a membership of over 3000 among them, Honorary Members, Fellows, Corporate Members, Associate Members, Companion Members, Graduate Members and Student Members. Engineering Graduates from recognised Universities can apply for appropriate Classes of Membership depending on their qualifications and experience. This is a prerequisite for registration as engineers by the Engineers Registration Board.

Entrance fees, annual subscriptions and other levies are shown on the schedule below.The subscriptions are effective from January 2017.

 Entrance Fee

Fellows                10,000.00/-
Corporate         5,000.00/-
Companions      5,000.00/-
Associates        5,000.00/-
Graduates        2,000.00/-
Students           200.00/-
Affiliate Firms  50,000.00/-



From Member to Fellow:             3,000/- 
From Graduate to Member:        3,000/- 
From Student to Graduate:        1,800/-

Plot Levy

Fellow:               1,500/- 
Member:            1,500/- 
Associate:          1,500/- 
Companion:       1,500/- 
Graduate:          1,500/-

Development Fund

Fellow:               1,000/- 
Member:            1,000/- 
Associate:          1,000/- 
Companion:       1,000/- 
Graduate:          1,000/-

Annual Subsciptions

Fellows:                           10,000/-
Corporates:                       5,000/-
Associates:                        5,000/-
Companion:                       5,000/-
Graduate:                          2,000/-
Engineering Technicians     5,000/-
Engineering Technologists 5,000/-
Students                            NIL
Affiliate Firms                     50,000


Members are requested to pay their annual subscriptions promptly by beginning of the year. See our bank details for more information on where to pay.