Mhandisi Housing Cooperative Society is an investment company registered under the Co-operative Act whose main mandate is to carry out investment activities.
Kenya’s Vision 2030 also recognizes that only 23% (or 35,000 units) of the demand for housing is supplied annually and that only 20% of this supply caters for the low-income households although they constitute the majority of households in Kenya.

Some of the Business activities that we will venture in include:

• Buying and Selling Land in different regions of the country.
• Real Estate Development.
• Invest in Shares and Forex.

Who can join Mhandisi Housing?

• All Mhandisi Sacco members.
• Spouses and Children of Mhandisi Sacco members
• All Engineers.
• Technicians and Technologist.
• IEK and EBK members.
• Employees in Consulting and Construction Companies.
• Diaspora Engineers.

Members Benefits

• Receipt of dividends on profit realized from Mhandisi Housing activities

• Preferential terms on the purchase of land and/ or houses undertaken by M. H. C.

• Priority allocation to members for land and housing development undertaken by M.H.C.

• A member participant:

Gets projects notifications immediately

  1.  Is given first priorities on all our projects
  2. Is allocated land preferentially compared to non-members
  3.  Gets discounted rates on our projects.

What are the requirements to join?

• Complete Application form which can be downloaded above.

• Attach the following documents

  1.  Copy of Identity Card
  2. Copy of PIN Certificate and
  3. A passport size photograph.

• A registration fee of Ksh. 2,000

• Shares Contribution of Ksh. 30,000 (300 shares @ Ksh. 100)

• Monthly Contribution Ksh. 2,500

• We allow members to pay in small portions of the shares.

Forms must be submitted to the office in the original copy.